Do you have hand, garden or power tools around the house? If so, are they packed well, are they clean and are they safe? These questions if they are addressed correctly, we can assure you that you will never regret it. Keeping tools in good condition is a worthy investment. Apart from their safety, when placed in wrong, curious or uneducated hands, tools can cause a great deal of damage and as such as prevention mechanism tools should be kept safe and stored correctly.

Cleaning of tools can be a tiresome job but keeping them stain free and well-maintained is a rewarding exercise as your tools will last longer.

Here are some tips on how to correctly maintain and store your tools:
Hand tools
  • Tools Cleaning: cleaning of tools can be a tiresome job but keeping them stain free and well-maintained is a rewarding experience as your tools will last longer. You can make use of hot water, soapy water and or wire brush.
  • It should be a given rule that very tool should dry up before storage. Storing tools with moisture or in a moist environment, poses a greater chance of rust development.
  • Store tools in the tool box for safety or hang them up on a tool board.
Power tools
  • Always make ensure that power tools are unplugged after use and kept out of reach of children.
  • Before cleaning, make sure power tools are unplugged without fail.
  • Avoid using wet cloth when cleaning power tools. A dump cloth is suitable.
  • Powered tools can accumulate dust overtime or due to its use. An air compressor is suitable for blowing all the dust out from the hidden parts of the machine.
  • Lubricate all necessary moving parts before use according to the manual.
  • Power tools should be stored in their original cases. Unless you have a climate-controlled workshop, your best bet for storing power tools in the hard-plastic cases they usually come with. Not only are they better-protected from humidity, they’re just better-protected in general.
Garden tools
  • The best way to safe keep your garden tools is to hang them Be it in the garage or shed, keep your tools off the floor and prevent them from rusting.
  • The use of wire brash, soapy water is necessary to wash your garden tools after every use.
  • To prevent drying and cracking, it is advisable to spray and or oil you garden tools.

NB: Apart from cleaning the tools and storage, please make sure you also clean your toolboxes, belts, and bags. Occasionally toolboxes need to be emptied and cleaned.